College Recruitment

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Our coaches have a vast history of attracting the top talent in the region, maximizing player potential, and providing them with the foundation necessary to advance to the next level. Over the years, the program has developed a number of players who have advanced to the Division 1, 2 and 3 levels of NCAA Collegiate Field Hockey and USA Programs.

Ct Elite Field hockey


Storm Kodde

2023 - Johns Hopkins

Meg Williamson

2023 - UNH

Courtney Wynne

2023 - Trinity

Diana Degnan

2023 - MIT

Andrea DiTeodoro

2023 - Bowdoin

Bailey Harriott

2023 - Montclair

Abbey O’Meara

2023 - Smith College

Brinsley Rushe

2023 - Gettysburg College

Demi Janis

2023 - Trinity College